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a novel by George Bannon

Photographer Gordon Delancy spends his yearly vacations photographing archaeology dig sites. This year the hobby brings him to the small Pennsylvania town of Nightsend, where almost 250 years ago the inhabitants of the original colony along with a nearby Indian village, all disappeared without a trace.

Today, Nightsend is a place where residents still disappear, one at a time, only to be found later inside of graves in the local cemetery. Most of the townsfolk believe that the monks living at the monastery know something about it, but fear of Brother Manion keeps them from looking too closely. Brother Manion has been especially restless as of late and isn't happy with the dig site as he protects against the discovery of an evil secret that could ruin his plans.

Soon after arriving in Nightsend Gordon meets archaeology student Lisa McNeill, and the two make some steamy discoveries of their own as they're propelled into a Hellish battle with Brother Manion to save the town, and themselves, from an ancient horror.

a novel by George Bannon

The Final Crusade is the story of a collision of unlikely friendships and ancient faiths when high-ranking officials in the Vatican decide to go to the mattresses with the Mafia.

Executions carried out during Sunday Services. Priests and nuns killing mobsters and corrupt cops. Discover what could motivate such violence, what's at stake and who will stand victorious after The Final Crusade.

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